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Here is a list of my testimonials

All We Can Say Is Wow! She is Goood!

 "Dr. Patricia Trueblood, (AKA Grandma Honey) has a warm rapport with people and a notable stage presence. Through many years of storytelling in public schools, festivals, nursing homes, birthday parties and other plat forms; she has perfected the techniques of capturing the audience with her voice. She can boom when the story calls for it, and quack like a duck when necessary. I should also mention that her facial expressions are downright funny and will charm anyone."

 Erin Allen

Former Children's Services Supervisor
Rowan Public Library
Salisbury, NC


As we say in storytelling land, "She had the audience in the palm of her hand." We are fortunate to discover such a 'Jewel'  right here in Rowan County.

Robert A. Jones
Children's  Services
Rowan Public Library
Salisbury, NC

"Grandma Honey is so funny, she makes you laugh, cry, and just about wet your clothes. I enjoy her strategies in getting children engaged in her stories...even me. She reminds me of the late Jackie Torrence, but she has her own style in telling stories. I love it, since I was a child growing up. Mom has always visted my classroom and had all of us laughing."

Tiffany Trueblood (daughter)
Detroit, Maryland

"Dr. Patricia Trueblood, (Grandma Honey). Is a delight, her stories keep both children and parents enthralled till the end."

Erika Kosin
Children's Services, Supervisor
Rowan Public Library
Salisbury, NC

"Grandma Honey has stories that will delight anyone. She is very effective, enjoyable and entertaining."

Mrs. Sherri Jefferies
Rowan Public Library
Salisbury, NC

"We are fortunate to have among us a very talented storyteller. She knows how to tell a story and get people involved no matter their age. We really enjoyed Grandma Honey at the Virginia Storytelling Festival."

National Association of Black Storytellers
Virginia Beach, Virginia

One child stated at the Jackie Torrence Storytelling Festival
"I love the way Grandma Honey talked like a frog, the big frog and in a little voice for the baby frogs, she made me laugh."

Jackie Torrence Storytelling Festival
Granite Quarry, NC